iPhone Favorites

December 5, 2008

I’ve been tweeting recently about my favorite iPhone apps, and people have been asking, so I figured I might as well just write a little bit on why these applications are on my iPhone.

Twitterrific – Yes, I do work at the Iconfactory, but in all honesty, I’ve been using this since the App Store opened. The ease of posting and being able to view tweets while you’re posting is what I like most.

Wikipanion – Awesome application for optimized viewing of Wikipedia. Clean UI, nice icon, and landscape viewing.

Delivery Status – I’ve been using Delivery Status in Dashboard for a long time now, and I was so thrilled to see the developer bring it to iPhone, and it’s great. Now available with syncing between the desktop and iPhone, this is more valuable than ever!

Tipulator – Giving a fair tip for service and the amount you spent is hard to figure out, but Tipulator makes it very easy to determine what is the right tip. Favorite feature is rounding the total or tip. Great for if you are using cash. Top it all off with a beautiful UI and gorgeous icon.

Things – I actually downloaded this application before I used the Mac OS X version. Very nice management of things I need to do, and great organization for projects and roles. Syncing as well between your Mac and iPhone is a huge plus.

Frenzic – I’m a little biased, but this app is great. Beautiful as well as fun. I mean… addictive. No matter how hard I try, however, I’ll never manage to beat any scores from Talos. It was great on Mac OS X, but even better on iPhone.

Lumen – Really cool laser game, reminds me a bit of Khet, but instead you can change colors and it’s a puzzle instead of combat. I love that people are sharing their own puzzles, makes the game’s life longer and more valuable. Pretty graphics from Adam Betts to boot.

Five Dice – Classic game of dice. Really great design and easy gameplay. Perfect if you have a few minutes to spare.