The Epcot of My Dreams

February 4, 2023 • Louie Mantia

Note: This post contains AI-generated images.

In an alternate reality, I imagine an EPCOT where instead of reimagining any of its existing pavilions, Disney just continued the concept by developing 6 new FutureWorld pavilions and 10 new World Showcase pavilions, each situated between the existing pavilions.

Using Midjourney, I generated dozens of images and upscaled the concept from each I liked best. Unfortunately, it seems Midjourney doesn’t know who Herb Ryman is. (For those who are curious, the secret code word to make this style is “Bernie Fuchs,” an exceptional mid-century painter. Thanks for the tip, Greg Maletic.)

Below are the images I generated, with a brief pavilion description. For the FutureWorld pavilions, what attraction might exist. For the World Showcase pavilions, what food and drink would be offered.


A showcase of the limitless potential of human innovation and creativity around transportation, communication, and energy. An attraction brings guests on a tour through engineering workshops and scientific laboratories.


A display of the latest developments in automation and robotics, where guests experience simulations that highlight automation applications, with an attraction that allows guests to step inside a robot, control it, and assign it tasks to complete objectives.

Galaxy of Possibility

A space-themed experience around astronomy and space travel, allowing guests to explore distant planets, including an attraction that demonstrates how humans might live in space.

The Skies

Guests experience interactive demonstrations of various atmospheric displays, like the Northern Lights, with an attraction that lets them soar above the world, exploring the many diverse conditions of our planet.

Art on Earth

A pavilion to view historical, classical, and modern art, with an exhibit on how art has evolved alongside humans, and workshops on painting and sculpting. An attraction lets guests travel inside the vivid worlds of famous paintings.

Human Life

From birth to old age, guests will view the entire life of a human body, with an attraction that celebrates the variety of ways people around the world interpret life, community, and their health.


An intricate representation of Indian architecture and culture, with ornate facades and street vendors. Curries, samosas, tandoori chicken, with mango lassi and chai tea.


A traditional Andean village with vibrant colors, rustic architecture, and red tile roofs. Ceviche, lomo saltado, papa rellena, with chichi mirada and pisco sour.


A focus on natural beauty and wildlife of the Outback, with iconic landscapes and architecture. Meat pies, rock oysters, pavlova, with beer, cider, and flat white coffee.

South Africa

A village with thatched roofs in the savanna grasslands, with communal gathering areas. Barbecued meats, maize-based stews, chakalaka, with beer, rooibos tea, and Amarula.


A colorful plaza, with sounds of music and Carnival right around the corner. Churrasco, feijoada, coxinha, with tropical juices, cachaça, and Caipirinha.


A street of traditional Spanish architecture, stucco, and wrought-iron balconies, with flamenco street performers. Paella, tapas, gazpacho, churros, with sangria and Spanish wine.


A pavilion of white-washed Greek buildings and domed roofs and blue accents. Moussaka, spanakopita, tzatziki, with Greek wine, beer, and ouzo.


A snowy street of ornate, pastel architecture with onion-domed roofs, and street vendors. Borscht, piroshki, pelmeni, with vodka, kvass, and herbal tea.


A lush, fragrant walk with art, dance, music, old palaces, and street food. Green curry, pad Thai, mango sticky rice, Tom Yum soup, with Thai iced tea and Singha beer.


A desert street with ancient Egyptian architecture like pyramids, with bustling marketplaces. Kushari, ful medames, shawarma, with sweet mint tea, hibiscus tea, and sour cherry juice with arak.

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