Work History

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My work history is presented as a series of stories, with images, photos, and personal anecdotes.

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For icon design inquiries, please contact Parakeet.
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Current Work & Projects

Parakeet Founder & Designer

Portland & TokyoSince February 2015

At Parakeet, Luka and I create app icons, icon systems, illustrations, emoji, and stickers for over 100 clients.


Junior Founder & Designer

Portland & TokyoSince April 2018

For Junior, I make modern and traditional playing cards, including Japanese flower cards known as hanafuda.

Crown Founder & Designer

Portland & TokyoSince April 2017

Crown is my hobby type foundry where I design fonts, like the extensive Womprat, with over 3000 characters.

Past Work

Rebel Moon Type Design Contractor

PortlandFebruary–October 2022

For the Netflix production Rebel Moon, I contributed custom alphabets, type design, and fonts for fantasy languages.


Pacific Helm Founder & Designer

San FranciscoMarch 2012–February 2015

At Pacific Helm, I led the creation of apps, icons, and logos for clients like Adobe, Pantone, and Target.


Shanghai Disneyland Art Contractor

San FranciscoSeptember 2013–April 2014

For Shanghai Disneyland, I contributed over 40 illustrations for windows, shops, and restaurants on Mickey Avenue.


Square Visual Designer

San FranciscoAugust 2011–March 2012

At Square, I contributed visual design and iconography for Wallet and Register, as well as some unreleased products.

Apple Visual Designer

CupertinoApril 2010–August 2011

At Apple, I contributed visual design and iconography for iTunes, iPhoto, iBooks, iMovie, GarageBand, and Trailers.


The Iconfactory Icon Designer

GreensboroNovember 2008–April 2010

At The Iconfactory, I created icons for clients and designed iOS applications like Twitterrific and Ramp Champ.


Obama ’08 Design Contractor

Mountain ViewOctober–November 2008

For the Obama ’08 campaign, I designed the first-ever iOS app for a presidential candidate. (He won.)

TapulousVisual Designer

Palo AltoMarch 2008–October 2008

At Tapulous, I designed 2008’s most-downloaded iPhone game, Tap Tap Revenge, as well as FriendBook, Collage, and Twinkle.


Before that, I was just a teenager on the Internet.