March 7, 2024

I know a lot of people hate anti-ad-block popups, but to me they are perfect.

In presenting those popups, those websites demonstrate that they realize the lack of control they have. They show us so plainly that they are unable to make money from us, which leaves them no option but to grovel and beg us to turn off ad-blocking.

It makes me feel good to have that be acknowledged.

When we use web browsers, we are in more control than they are. That’s simply not the case when we’re inside an app they get to control.

In a web browser, we can remove their ability to extract value from us. Those popups don’t make me want to turn off my ad-blocker. They make me want to close the tab.

Once again, it should be said that personal sites are where it’s at, because personal blogs are not trying to pull this kind of stupid shit.

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