AppleTV + App Store

December 9, 2008 • Louie Mantia

Just an idea. If there was an App Store on Apple TV, there could be video games with easy downloading, updating, and multiple types of input to play on your HDTVs. (And other plugins and apps, too.)

The best thing about the idea of having video games on Apple TV through an App Store is purchasing. I don’t have to go to a retail store to buy the game that just came out. I can play it whenever it’s available, and as for controllers, I could use any number of kinds of peripherals. It’s Mac OS X under there, and that means I could actually use a pointing device like a mouse if I wanted to. Or how about an iPhone and iPod touch? That’d make an awesome controller, similar to the way you use the second screen on a Nintendo DS. It could display a map and allow you to swap tools or weapons in a shooter game, for instance.

This opens the door for so many possibilities. Wii was able to have many games with many types of input. Motion and pointing, as well as buttons, with add-ons like the Zapper, Wheel, Classic Controller, and Nunchuck. Even the Balance Board allowed a new type of input, your own body, pressure and weight shifting. Motion and a touch screen are things an iPhone can provide. You could point with a mouse. Apple could even introduce other types of controllers as well with Bluetooth technology.

I’m sure the Apple TV would have to be beefed up a little bit to support it, but the opportunity is just laying there, and it’s an incredible business opportunity for both Apple and developers (whether they’re major developers such as EA or indie Mac developers).

Not to mention, of course, since it’d just be integrated with iTunes (duh!) you could play these games on your Mac as well! Just sync it on over (automatic), and you’re off. Game on your Mac and Apple TV, thanks to the Apple TV App Store.

This also allows for updates for applications/games. How many times do you wish you could do that for platform games with cartridges or discs? I want updates to my video games, whether paid or free updates, like expansion packs for PC games. It’d be great to have additional levels and content, etc.

If I could ask the Apple Fairy for one thing, this would be it. Seriously. I’d buy an Apple TV and a widescreen HDTV.

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