Corporate Detox

April 15, 2024 • Louie Mantia

Almost every company has its own culture and vision that materialize as a perspective shared amongst its employees. A friend once told me that after you leave a job, you kinda have to take some time to detox from it. You have to take a breather and isolate some of the things you believe, why you believe them, where those beliefs came from. How many things that you accepted were part of your job? How much of your perspective is due to the very specific environment of that precise work?

For what it’s worth, it may not be a bad idea to do this without having to quit your job. Just once in a while, double-check how much Kool-Aid® you’re consuming. How deep into the Reality Distortion Field are you? How much of the corporate mantra have you adopted? What have you been influenced by?

If you don’t take this moment to judge all those things hanging out in your head, will you carry any of them into your new job? What about into other parts of your life? Will you build your next product on assumptions made from your old job? You gotta check to make sure you aren’t just accepting certain things as facts that were just a result of a certain perspective from certain people at a certain company.

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