Craft Internet

January 23, 2024

My friend Nob sent me a post from Kakijiro, who uses the term Craft Internet for personal websites separated from SNS (a Japanese abbreviation for social networking services).

What I love about “Craft Internet” is that it implies making websites traditionally. And you know I think it’s time for everyone to make a damn website.

I don’t know Kakijiro, but I strongly relate to what he’s saying. He opens with a couple quotes (presented here in English).

Don’t rely on the platform, it’s better to move people with a collection of links like old text sites.
After all, a blog with your own domain is good. Nothing is interfered with. I can do what I want to do.

Investing time into my own website again feels extremely powerful. I am always excited to work on it, add new things, and completely change it whenever I want.

Kakijiro then talks about making his own website.

The intention of the algorithm does not intervene here. There are no recommended articles. Of course, there are no advertisements.

Social media websites gave us the impression they were giving us space to be ourselves.

Then, they put ads in front of our content, making money from our contributions, and algorithmically determined which content could make them even more money.

Some call that enshittification, but that’s how the Corporate Internet works. It will always be that way.

We gain the advantage by creating our own spaces, not by existing in theirs. We need to make the Craft Internet.