Hate Discourse

March 31, 2024

At some point during the history of Twitter and YouTube, hate discourse became normalized. People we’ve never heard of started hijacking public conversation to vent about something they think is bad, mainly to get attention.

People gave them the attention. They still do.

These individuals—who are completely disconnected from our lives—spend significant time and energy deliberately pissing people off by ranting about things they hate.

Despite coming from absolute nobodies, their takes were elevated by hashtags, searches, and quote tweets.

It’s a genre that never needed to exist. We were truly better as a species before we gave those bozos our attention.

I see some people starting to do this by way of newer social media, and I would encourage everyone to consider not engaging with people you disagree with, especially people you don’t know.

Don’t screenshot it, don’t quote them. Don’t reply. Ignore, mute, or block them. Everyone will be better off for it, including you.

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