Helpful Automation

April 17, 2024 • Louie Mantia

The current focus of “AI” in the software industry is not on solving problems for current users, it’s to create solutions for potential future users. I find that super frustrating.

It would be genuinely helpful to me if Adobe built an “AI” tool for Photoshop that notices when I’m doing a repetitive task and creates an action to automate it. That would save me time by doing the mundane tasks associated with my job. That’s what I want help with.

Instead, the “AI” tools they built are for generating vector illustrations from text. I don’t want an AI tool to replace the creation aspect of my job, that’s not helpful to me at all. That’s not a tool for illustrators or designers. That’s a tool for people who aren’t.

Why build that tool? I know why, of course. It generates more money. They already make subscription income from designers, and that’s not enough for them. They need more subscription income, so they cater to people who they don’t already have. I absolutely hate it.

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