The Mint Julewhip™

September 19, 2016 • Louie Mantia

To start, put on Deep in the Heart of Dixieland by George Bruns and the Wonderland Jazz Band. This is important.

Mint Julewhip (½ gal.)

Whisk the contents until the mix is completely dissolved.

Immediately pour the mixture into your soft serve machine. Once frozen, serve. Garnish with a bamboo skewer of two maraschino cherries* and a lemon wedge. Then place a sprig of mint and a 4" red straw.

*We use Luxardo Maraschino Cherries because we fancy.

Back in December 2014, Luka and I bought a Taylor® soft serve freezer. We bought one because the Dole Whip® cravings were just too strong between Disneyland visits.

We got Dole® Pineapple Soft Serve Mix and immediately put it to the test. This was no imitation. Not a “make it at home” knock-off. (Well, we did make it at home.) This was the real deal. Exactly like at Disneyland.

On Twitter, Christa Mrgan asked:

Can you make your own flavors? How does this work.

I responded:

we're thinking about mixing some rum in the dole whip mix.

This is not the only time we had recreated a Disneyland snack at home. Earlier that year, Luka made Disneyland Mint Juleps. This was slightly trickier because we needed the recipe. Luckily, Disney is pretty open about these sorts of things and keeps this information at City Hall on Main Street.

Back to soft serve for a minute. When you create the liquid mix for the machine, you combine a powder mix with water. That’s it. Super simple.

At one point, the Dole® Soft Serve Twitter account posted a PDF of various recipes to create some fun new flavors. One example was using the lemon mix to create an Arnold Palmer. Instead of adding water, you add unsweetened ice tea. This changed everything.

So a few weeks ago, Luka and I had a thought: what if we used the Dole® Lemon Soft Serve Mix in conjunction with the limeade and crème de menthe syrup we use for Mint Juleps? Theoretically, we could create a Mint Julep in the form of Dole Whip®. And then we did exactly that.

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