New Is Not Inherently Exciting

April 15, 2024 • Louie Mantia

I’ve heard more than few people attempt to deflect genuine concern and criticism about new technology products, everything from large language models to virtual reality headsets. The deflection always comes in the form of suggesting the concerned person just doesn’t like new things or that they’re closed-minded. Maybe they’re filled with doubt instead of being enthusiastic. They’re just a crusty curmudgeon!

The “fun” part about this sentiment that it only has to apply to what you want it to. It’s a total fallacy. Not all new things are inherently exciting. Some new things just suck.

Not every new idea should go into production. Not every new product is captivating. Not every new thing is worth running to the finish line. Just walk out. You can leave!! If it sucks… hit da bricks!!

Buying into the sunk cost is tempting, but you would have to believe that a mediocre idea that’s new is better than an old idea done well. “New” is not the valuable part.

Maybe you feel pressure to ship something. Anything. In those situations, you have to convince whoever is introducing that pressure that this ain’t it, rather than trying to convince everyone else in the world that the mediocre idea is actually good because it’s new and people who disagree just hate new things.

This is not to say that people shouldn’t try new things. Please try them. But while trying, evaluate. If it’s not working out, be prepared to say goodbye to it. Give yourself the strength to admit when an idea isn’t working so you can direct your attention to even newer things that might also be good.

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