Maple Pizza

July 24, 2023

Maple Pizza is an instant favorite. Ben (the owner and chef) is Japanese, but sports a Yankees cap and a thick black mustache. He fully leans into the persona of a New York pizzeria chef and I love him for it.

This may not appear special to someone outside of Tokyo, especially to people who an American pizza parlor is normal.

But the menu board. The “Line Forms Here” sign. Bottle opener, fridge full of American sodas, the stained-glass lamps, and tip jar. The stacks of pizza boxes. He even has an iconic NYC choking poster, food allergens poster, and employee-of-the-month sheets on the wall. What you don't see is the American exit sign above the door or the NYC sanitation certificate posted outside.

Creating a perfect NY pizza in Japan is plenty good enough, but Ben goes the extra mile to create the perfect atmosphere.

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