Practicality vs. Possibility

May 13, 2024 • Louie Mantia

iPod and iPhone sold on practicality.

But iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro were all sold on possibility.

People found iPod and iPhone worth the price without an App Store. For the other form factors they’ve produced since then, Apple has asked customers to imagine what each of these could be used for, not necessarily what they already can do out of the box.

That’s not a question for customers. That’s a question best answered by Apple. I would like to see them answering that question during development of the product rather than asking everyone else to fill in the gaps they left. iPad may have been an instant hit, but Apple Watch took years to find its footing. Apple Vision Pro has a long way to go, I suspect.

I don’t think the product was rushed, but it is missing the practical component. No one feels like they need it.

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