April 4, 2024 • Louie Mantia

I’ve been working quite a bit on my website, adding new sections and pages, so here’s everything new on LMNT.


My blog has two new sections, Photos and Sketchbook.

The Photos section contains some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken recently, sorted by date. Each page has a little bit of writing on it too, like this one of a forbidden corridor at The Haunted Mansion.

If the Photos section replaces the Instagram hole in my life, the Sketchbook replaces the Dribbble hole in my life. It’s sparse at the moment, but I’ll continue to populate it with older things as well as new posts, like the Labyrinth pixel icons from earlier this week.

Both of these are fully part of my Blog, which means new posts will be added to the RSS feed just like my written blog posts, icons, and wallpapers.


I like to think “you are what you eat” is more about your entire intake, not just literally food. I think who you are is defined largely by what you read, watch, play, and listen to (and sure, what you eat). So I figure if someone wants to better understand me, it might be helpful to know what I love.

I made a top-level section on LMNT for my Favorites, including Music, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, and even Disney Parks Attractions. The Music page has a fun, little feature: you can click or tap on any of the album covers to hear a 10-second sample.

Media Art

The Media Art page has existed for a little while now (mostly only for my custom Star Wars album art) but it has been expanded to include other custom album art for popular franchise soundtracks like Battlestar Galactica, Jurassic Park, Marvel Studios, The Matrix, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. There’s more I still have to add, but now you know where to find this kind of stuff.


I now have Shop pages with links to buy my playing cards and fonts. I don’t have a unified store hosted on my own site, but at least everything I sell is displayed on these pages.

As a small side note, the bottom of all blog posts (on the web) have a new Donate link. You can see an example of it on the Gratuity page. The RSS feed does not have it for the same reason I don’t put a copyright disclaimer on every post.

That’s mostly it! I’ve made some small CSS changes, nothing too crazy. If you haven’t poked around much on my site, you may also be interested in my professional portfolio.

I’m really proud of the state of my site right now, and I hope you enjoy it too. Thank you for following along.

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